Video Games

I have a deep passion for video game audio and creating dynamic music systems. I’m especially interested in working for indie and mid-core development teams.  Whether it’s music composition or sound design I’d love to hear about your project and am often available for work!


Beats & Bolts is a rhythm-based action game set in a railway factory during the Industrial Revolution. Play as a worker who is trying to get his job back after recently being replaced by machines, all while abiding to the rhythmic rule of the factory. Your goal is to sneak in and battle against the central machine that is taking control in order to save the factory.

Play the game here:


“A pair of twins, one physical (02) and one digital (20), live in separate planes of existence in a tech lab they were raised in. One day, the twins decide to escape the lab to freedom after a storm corrupts the lab’s systems. The twin in the real world must transport their sibling on a USB to various tech ports, and the physical and digital worlds must work together to find their way out of the lab.”

Twin Dimensions is a short single-player puzzle, exploration, and escape game with a cute style, optimistic story, and unique gameplay mechanics where 3D and 2D puzzles interact.

Built in 12 weeks for the Winter 2024 offering of CSC404 at UofT and OCAD!

Play the game here:


Bring Skippy Home! Skippy was just minding his own business in the forest when he got captured one day. Now he’s some dude’s pet in a glass tank, and he’s tired of it. Help him escape!

This short game was developed in Fall 2023 in a collaborative project between the University of Toronto and Centennial College. All audio was created by myself and Zongfan Li.

Play the game here:

Chiptune Compositions