Andrew Gosse

Composer - Sound Designer - Audio Engineer - Artist

Making connections through Art

Andrew Gosse (he/him) is a Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Engineer, and Artist from St. John’s, NL. Currently based out of Toronto, Gosse is studying for his Master’s in Music Technology and Digital Media at the University of Toronto. His work spans genres from classical to ambient electronic to dance to improvisatory music, often blending these works with visual art and other mediums. He has created music and sound design for multiple released video games and is passionate about working in games and media of all kinds. In the classical realm, his works have been performed by the PhoeNX ensemble and by the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra as well as many chamber music groups. At its core, his work explores the relationships we have with nature, each other, and ourselves, offering reflections on our place within the wider world. When not working on creative projects he can be found reading, watching anime, and playing Stardew Valley with his family and partner.

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