Performing at Newfound Festival XIX

Andrew Gosse

Andrew Gosse (he/him) is a Canadian composer, performer, artist, and audio engineer from St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. His work explores and often connects the realms of contemporary classical, electronic, visual art, and improvisatory music. Gosse holds a Bmus. (Honors) from the Memorial University of Newfoundland, where he studied composition and digital performance under Dr. Andrew Staniland and Dr. Clark Ross. He is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Music Technology and Digital Media at the University of Toronto in September 2023.

His works have been performed by the PhoeNX ensemble in Toronto (a cross-cultural mixed chamber ensemble which blends traditional Chinese and Western instruments), various chamber groups at MUN, and by the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra.  In the realm of improv, Gosse maintains two ongoing collaborative projects called Distance Sessions and Sonic Playgrounds. He has performed electronic music at Sound Symposium’s “Night Music” series, the Newfound Festival, and in various concerts at Memorial University. 

As a composer, Gosse has attended both the Tuckamore Chamber Music Festival and the Lunenburg Academy of Musical Performance. He has also composed research stimuli for two separate research projects by the CAANLab in addition to other miscellaneous  compositional and arranging contract jobs.

At its core, his work explores the relationships we have with nature, each other, and ourselves. He approaches music in the same way he approaches all forms of art, as an opportunity to form and strengthen connections between our own cultural identities and those of the people around us. When he isn’t composing or studying, Andrew enjoys reading literature and comics , singing in choirs, painting, watching anime, freelance designing, and walking his dog Billy.

Awards & Recognition

UofT Graduate Funding (2023-2025)

MUN Music Dean’s List (2022/23)

MUN Self Directed Learning Award (2022) – read my essay here!

Glory of Mozart Travel Bursary  (2022)

CanLaab Composition Competition (Co-winner) (2020)

Margaret Krause Memorial Scholarship (2019)

MUN Entrance Scholarship (2018)

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