My compositions explore and often connect the realms of contemporary classical, electronic, video, and improvisatory music. 

I enjoy creating emotionally powerful soundscapes whether they be cold and frigid or exciting and passionate. 

Contemporary Classical


Passing Over

PhoeNX Ensemble offers a retelling of the tale upon which the annual Mid-Autumn Festival is based. Through music, dance, and narration you will be transported to a world of power, passion, greed, sacrifice, and eternal love.

Earth; Return to Waves

Through field recordings and texture, Earth; Return to Waves explores the concept of the ocean reclaiming the land due to the effects of global warming. The piece finishes with a prolonged pause, giving the listener space to reflect on the victims both past, present, and future of the climate crisis.

Resurgent Hope

Inspired by the poetry of Michelle Sylliboy, this piece explores the unexpected and distorted ways that hope can appear in our lives. Moments of rage, despair, and finally hope surface through a dark undercurrent that envelops the piece. We finally break free from this darkness at the end with a joyous and raucous celebration of life in all its forms.


Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves is a pseudo-improvised piece that uses MUNE and Max/MSP. It combines segments of improvised piano recordings with drones and the sounds of waves to create a lush and glitchy soundscape. Performed by Andrew Gosse at the Memorial Electro-Acoustic Research Lab (MEARL).Thanks to Mitchell Tuck for help with this recording.

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Undergrad Recital

An hour long performance including all original compositions and solo/collaborative improvisation. A culmination of the last 2 years of my undergraduate degree at the Memorial University of Newfoundland.


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A series of musique-concrete pieces where sounds are all taken from one source then remixed with effects to create unique and interesting soundscapes.

Instructional Video

An instructional video explaining how I recreated Alvin Lucier’s seminal “I am sitting in a room” with the software Max/MSP. Includes a brief explanation of the composer and original piece before diving into demonstrations and an explanation of the code I wrote.