Distance Sessions​

Started in January 2022, Distance Sessions is a collaborative improv project between myself and various collaborators. The goal of the project is to have an outlet for myself and these artists to create collaborative improv music regardless of distance or isolation.

Each collaboration is tackled slightly differently but they usually involve one of the performers recording an improv by themselves, being mindful to leave room for the other person who will then record an improv on top of the original. This creates new paths for exploring improvisations and allows performers to reflect on what makes a good collaborative improv by having to prepare for it preemptively.

Sonic Playgrounds

Sonic Playgrounds is an electroacoustic improv duo based in St. John’s, NL. The group is comprised of saxophonist Matthew Roome and electronic artist Andrew Gosse. The duo focuses on improvisation through synths, live audio processing, and drum loops. Frequently experimental, this ensemble blends the worlds of classical, jazz, and dance music to create their own unique and exciting sound.